Effectively deal with the decision to Export DBX Files to PST

DBX is the extension of the emails files in Outlook Express, as is PST in MS Outlook. The difference is while the DBX only holds onto the emails; the contacts are in WAB format. On the other hand the PST suffice for the management of all the data of Outlook, which are tasks, journals, alarms, etc in addition to that of email and contact. Outlook Express was once preferred for its orderly management of data, having two different file formats for emails and contacts. But with hundreds of data to deal with this once efficient management is now nothing more than cumbersome. Besides now-a-days a suave appearance even if just for an email client, won’t hurt, so to Export DBX Files to PST seems like the right idea.

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Effective solution to Export DBX Files to PST

There might be reasons like change in job or the demand of clients, behind the decision to Export DBX to PST. But regardless of the reason, there is always the conversion procedure to consider. A decision like this is never in for accomplishment, unless one has that perfect tool, for none of the email client has got any option to export one’s emails in the other’s system, besides there is always the fear of data loss lurking around the corner. And if same is the case for you, don’t waste a minute in acquiring the solution through the DBX to PST Tool, because when you decide to Convert from Outlook Express to Outlook it might not be about a few files, but a whole lot of selection for them.

The solution we offer you here is a permanent one. It would enable you to export emails from DBX into PST, whenever you want and with as many files, as you want. With 3-4 steps to follow, the procedure does not present much of a challenge.

Reasons to Export DBX Files to PST with this tool–

  • Group conversion method
    Batch conversion scheme is offered to export multiple DBX mails into the Outlook, in single processing.
  • Supportive of different versions of OE and Outlook
    Export DBX emails from OE 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 into any Outlook UNICODE version (MS Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010).
  • There are two types of saving option in offer
    - Save the entire collection of DBX files in single PST file.
    - Save the DBX emails in separate PST files of their own.
  • Precise conversion of the emails
    Convert the DBX emails with the email items (inbox, deleted items, etc), header details (To, Cc, etc) and attachments, all unaltered. Even the email formatting remains same as before.
  • An advantage for the Windows OS owner
    This utility is all in all Windows based. It smoothly runs on all Windows OS, including that of Windows 8.

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Ever since I have acquired this solution I have been able to put the information of the emails to good use with the support of various facilities like notes, journals and calendar. Now I have become much more efficient with organizing my work.

Roberta Lauren